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Overall Rating
Price Range$1.99 - $14.99
Editor RankingHighest recommendation
Disk Space10GB - Unlimited
Email Addresses100-1000
Free DomainNo
SupportLive 24/7 Sales and Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User Reviews

Cost Structure
1 - 3 months$1.99 - $14.99
1 year$6.64 - $12.74
2 years$6.29 - $11.99

Key Features

Company Description

Go Daddy is one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to choosing a web hosting company and is accordingly known as the world's largest web-hosting provider as well as the world's largest domain registrar. This is mainly due to the fact that Go Daddy doesn't skimp when it comes to advertising, making the Go Daddy brand one that is instantly recognizable.

The brain child of Bob Parsons, Go Daddy was founded in 1997 and currently manages more than 47 million domains. Go Daddy is still considered to be one of the big dogs when it comes to web hosting, which can be attributed to the fact that they are able to offer original and even ground-breaking products, along with their ability to provide the highest quality of customer service.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

Go Daddy offers 3 different web hosting plans-The Economy Plan, The Deluxe Plan, and The Ultimate Plan-from which you are able to choose, with the longer contract options saving you more money. For instance, if you choose the Economy Plan for a 3-month period, you'll be paying $4.99 a month each month, but if you choose a 12-month contract the price drops down to $3.99 a month.

The Economy Plan. Starting at $4.99 per month for 3 months, this plan is geared towards the customer who is looking to build a basic website for a very small business or for personal use.

The Deluxe Plan. Starting out at just $7.99 for 1 month and lowering to $6.99 per month when you sign up for a 12-month contract, this plan is aimed at customers with small-to-medium-sized businesses.

The Ultimate Plan. Starting at $14.99 for 1 month and lowering to $9.99 per month when you sign up for a 12-month contract, this plan was created with large businesses in mind and can thus provide all the power one would expect when they purchase the Ultimate Plan. Features Rating:

Reliability and Performance

Go Daddy offers many features to go along with each of their 3 web hosting plans: the more you pay the more features you'll receive. For instance, the Economy Plan offers 10GB of space, 100 email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth, the Deluxe Plan offers 150GB of space, 500 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and websites, and the Ultimate Plan offers unlimited space, bandwidth and websites. These are some of the main features, with other features available that are comparable to that of other, similar web hosting companies.

Trial Contract. The fact that Go Daddy offers the ability to sign up for a minimum of 1-3 months offers their customers the option to try out their web hosting services before making a commitment by entering into a long-term contract, which is a nice option.

4th Generation Hosting (4GH). Go Daddy has recently upgraded to a 4th Generation web hosting platform, which uses many enhanced features that can give your website the fast, reliable, and secure service you're expecting . This essentially means that if one server happens to go down, there are other back-up servers that can save you from your website also going down.

All plans come with:

  • $100 of free ad credits from Google
  • $10 of free Fotolia photo credits
  • Free email address(es)
  • Free set-up and software, one-click set-up, website statistics
  • No hidden fees, daily backup, Google webmaster tools, FTP access Reliability Rating:

Customer Service

Go Daddy has a Community Support Center that is open 24/7. Customers can choose to either create and submit a Support Ticket, or they can call the (480) Technical Support number, which is toll-free. Wait times are reasonable and complaints are low.

You can also choose to use Go Daddy's other options for finding an answer to your problem, such as looking through their Help Section, Forum Section, and/or Blog Section. Customer Service Rating:

Ease of Set up and Use

Signing up to use Go Daddy's web hosting plans is simple. Start by choosing your plan, adding a domain name (optional), and then filling in your personal information in order to create your account. Once you pay for your selected services, click on the "set up your new products" button, next choose the "launch" button, enter an FTP password for your new domain name, and then it’s essentially a waiting game since this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Go Daddy will email you when your site is ready.

Know that there is information available about which steps to take next, and will guide you to other web pages that will provide you with more, detailed information.

The Domain Manager provides all the domain details and is where you will be able to see an overview of your account. Here you are provided with all the options you need in order to manage/control your new website. Ease of Set up and Use Rating:


When you compare the value of Go Daddy's web hosting services to the prices they offer, you are receiving a really good value for your money. Go Daddy offers a multitude of pricing options within their 3 pricing plans, which gives customers the ability to make choices. The only downfall may be that Go Daddy charges for some 'extras' that other, similar web hosting companies do not. Value Rating:

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Go Daddy offers a 1 & 3-month trial option vs. the usual 6-month or 1 year long-term contracts
  • The ability to save more money when purchasing a longer contract.
  • Offers web hosting plans that support FrontPage® Server Extensions, ColdFusion, Java®, and Access database.


  • It can take up to 24 hours for your website to launch.
  • There is a LOT of information given on each page when you are making a purchase. Of course, we all want to know the extra options available to us, such as buying an SSL Certificate or adding a Premium Search Engine Visibility service, but throwing it all onto one overwhelming page is simply overkill.


Go Daddy is highly recommended as a company that can provide you with web hosting services that won't disappoint. The fact that they're one of the first web hosting companies to launch and is still considered to be one of the leaders in the industry after nearly 15 years, is impressive. What's more impressive is that Go Daddy aims to provide their customers with the best technology as well as the best customer service possible. Overall Rating:

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