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Overall Rating
Price Range$4.99 - $9.99
Editor RankingHighest Recommendation
Disk Space50GB - Unlimited
Email Addresses250 - Unlimited
Free DomainIncluded
Guarantee90 days
Support24/7 Customer support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User Reviews

Cost Structure
1 month$4.99 - $9.99

Key Features

1and1.com Web Hosting

Company Description

1&1 Web Hosting has been in business since 1988, establishing themselves as one of the first marketing companies to launch a major advertising campaign for services found online. A few years later, the personal computer began to grow so quickly in popularity that 1&1 saw this as an opportunity to tap into new marketing opportunities by focusing on the quickly increasing need for user support.

In 2002, the 1&1 Web Hosting was officially created in Europe and began to serve US customers in 2003. 1&1 currently has more than 10 million customers and is managing more that 11 million domains worldwide.

1&1: Get a Free Domain name with the purchase of Web Hosting

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

What's nice about 1&1 Web Hosting services is that they are completely upfront regarding their pricing plans, claiming that while other companies tend to charge one low price to get customers to sign up for their web hosting services and then hit them with setup fees and higher renewal rates, 1&1 offers their services at the prices shown: there are no hidden fees or extra charges to be had.

The 3 plans from which to choose include:

1&1 Starter

  • Disk Space - 10GB
  • FTP Accounts - 5
  • Email Storage - 2GB (per account)
  • SQL Databases - 10GB
1&1 Unlimited
  • Disk Space - 150GB
  • FTP Accounts - 50
  • Email Storage - 2GB (per account)
  • SQL Databases - 25GB
1&1 Business
  • Disk Space - Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited
  • Email Storage - 2GB (per account)
  • SQL Databases - Unlimited

1&1 Web Hosting Features rating:

1&1 Web Hosting offers a variety of features that users should expect when using a web hosting company. Although, keep in mind that due to 1&1's low prices, the features offered with their web hosting plans are considered to be fairly basic. As you move around inside the Control Panel, you will notice there are many opportunities given to 'upgrade' or 'add-on' features, which of course will add to your overall expenses when it comes to hosting a website.

When making comparisons between all of the available features offered by a web hosting company, more often than not you'll notice a large discrepancy between the least expensive plan, and all the rest of the plans offered. Yet 1&1 tends to give their most affordable plan some of the features normally found in the more expensive plans. This is a really great idea in that the user can experience some of the features normally found in the more expensive plans, leading them to decide that maybe they'll like this particular feature so much that they'll upgrade in order to better experience that particular feature.

When using the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder to build your website, there is a limit to how many projects and pages you can have. For example, the Dual Unlimited plan allows you to have up to 10 projects, with 25 pages included in each. Although this sounds like a lot, some view this as a limitation.

*You are able to select a domain name at a later time if you currently do not have one chosen yet.

1&1 Web Hosting Reliability/Performance rating:

1&1 Web Hosting services aims to give their customers the highest quality products along with the best security measures in order to offer them 'unshakeable reliability'. They claim that their data centers all use the most advanced technology with a purpose to give their global network the strength needed to endure any problems that may occur.

1&1 gives the user access to more than 30 GBit's of external connectivity, which means one should be able to expect fast loading times as well as their website being able to give them the power necessary when it comes to multi-users.

Unlike most other web hosting companies that give their customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 1&1 tells their customers that their website will experience 99.9% uptime but does not offer a guarantee if this promise is not met.

1&1 Web Hosting Ease of set up and use rating:

Although it's easy to sign up for 1&1's Web Hosting services, once you've entered your payment information and all has been processed, you're notified that you will receive an email with log in information, which may take a day to receive.

1&1 Web Hosting has more than 65 Click & Build applications, which makes it really easy for the beginner to build and launch a website. There is also a WebsiteBuilder application, which is another way to quickly build your website so that it meets your specific requirements. Simply click on the button(s) to start the website creation and you can have your website up within the hour!

1&1 Web Hosting Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

Once inside the Control Panel, find the Support link. There are two choices from which to choose-'Help & Contact' and '1&1 Customer Forum'. When you select the Help & Contact link, you are taken to a page that provides you with phone support numbers and an email address. Filling out a contact form is also a choice and can be accessed by clicking on this button. When you select the 1&1 Customer Forum, you are taken to a forum with nearly 1,500 threads in order to find an answer to your particular problem.

Phone services are available 24/7, a nice plus. When sending an email, expect to wait upwards of 1 - 3 days for a response. Since 1&1 has been in the web hosting business for nearly 10 years now, it would seem that adding an Instant Chat service to their available contact options would be a really good idea, so hoping they will add this option soon.

Although 1&1 boasts about the excellence of their customer support team, a recent trend in customer complaints regarding their customer service and/or technical service support experiences have been showing up, leading one to wonder why.

1&1 Web Hosting Value rating:

The value of 1&1's Web Hosting services are good when compared to other leading web hosting companies. The prices are affordable and are thus considered to be a good value for the features and support received when purchasing one of 1&1's Web Hosting plans.

Since 1&1 started as a marketing company, a lot of their strength seems to lie in the value of their web marketing and communication features. For people who are looking for a web hosting that provides all the basic features necessary to create and launch a website, yet also need that extra help when it comes to marketing and communication, 1&1 is definitely worth the time looking into.

1&1 Web Hosting offers a 90-day money back guarantee, which is impressive as most other web hosting companies tend to give a 30-day guarantee. This covers all of their Shared Hosting plans, Instant Email, SharePoint Hosting, Exchange Hosting, and eShops.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. 1&1's Web Hosting services shows great strength in their ability to provide the everyday person with the knowledge and ability to set up and launch their very own website. Their prices are very reasonable, giving the user the basic tools needed to create and launch a website, and since there are no hidden expenses you can expect to get exactly what is promised. The 90-day guarantee is a really nice option and should be considered as a standard for all web hosting companies (vs. the usual 30-day), although a 60-day guarantee would seem to be quite sufficient.

Weaknesses. 1&1 has recently been experiencing many customer complaints regarding their customer service and/or technical support services, making one wonder what is happening that may cause this new influx of grievances.

1&1 Web Hosting Recommendation rating:

1&1 Web Hosting offers people everything they need in order to build and launch a website. Aimed towards people who are looking for reliable service at a discounted price, 1&1's mission is to completely satisfy their customers in every way possible.

The internet is full of a variety of websites that are meant to inform, and if you want to establish yourself in this highly competitive arena, researching which particular web hosting company is best for your particular needs is truly the smart thing to do.

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