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Overall Rating
Price Range$2.35 - $14.99
Editor RankingRecommended
Disk Space10MB - 10GB
Bandwidth1.5-150 GB
Email Addresses15-1000
Free DomainIncluded for plans
Support24/7 Phone Support
Ease of Setup 
Customer Service 
Price and Value 
User ReviewsN/A

123-reg Web Hosting Coupon
Cost Structure
1 years contracr£2.49 - £14.99
2 years contract£2.49 - £13.74
3 year contract£2.35 - £12.49

Key Features

123-Reg Web Hosting Review & Summary

Company Description

123-reg web hosting is one that places a great emphasis on the registration of domain names, and has been doing so since 2001. With nearly 3 million domain names registered with them to date, they deserve the bragging rights that comes with being the largest domain provider located in the UK. Additionally, 123-reg is now host to nearly 2 million websites and is a part of the Webfusion Ltd., which is said to be one of the largest web hosting companies also located in the UK.

When it comes to creating websites, 123-reg's viewpoint is one that believes that web hosting should be made available to anyone and everyone that's interested in building, launching, and managing a website.

Product Description and Different Plans Offered

123-reg offers potential customers a few different plans from which to choose from in order to accommodate the variety of reasons that people want to start their very own website. They've recently added unlimited hosting, which is a feature that most web hosting companies are starting to do in order to offer more/better elements of a web hosting plan.

Starter Plan. Ideal for creating simple websites

  • Web Space - 1GB
  • Data Limit - Unlimited
  • Mailboxes - 100
  • Free Domain Names - 1 (limited choices - must be a .co.uk domain)
  • Host Multiple Sites - No
  • FTP Accounts - 1
Business Plan. A great choice for hosting your business website.
  • Web Space - 25GB
  • Data Limit - Unlimited
  • Mailboxes - 500
  • Free Domain Names - 2 (limited choices - must be a .co.uk domain)
  • Host Multiple Sites - Yes
  • FTP Accounts - 1
Unlimited Plan.
  • Web Space - Unlimited
  • Data Limit - Unlimited
  • Mailboxes - Unlimited
  • Free Domain Names - 3 (limited choices - must be a .co.uk domain)
  • Host Multiple Sites - Yes
  • FTP Accounts - Unlimited

If after comparing the different web hosting plans that 123-reg offers you decide one is right for you and decide to sign up, you're first taken to another page in order to choose your domain name, which needs to either already be registered with 123-reg or you'll need to buy a new one, which comes at a price of £9.99 per year. Adding an email address also comes at an additional cost of £0.99 per month, which although is a small price to pay, most other similar web hosting companies don’t charge extra for an email address as this is an expected necessity when signing up for web hosting services. A hosting setup fee is also added to your total at a cost of £9.99.

Lastly, know that even though if you don't live in the UK, you'll need to provide a UK phone number when filling out the contact form.

123-Reg Features rating:

123-reg offers their customers a variety of features in order to assist those that are new to the web hosting arena as well as providing seasoned website creators with the tools they expect to receive when signing up for web hosting services. Although there aren't as many features offered as many other similar web hosting companies, there are plenty of features included that can and will help you get your website built and launched, and all within a matter of minutes!

SiteFusion. A user-friendly tool that can help you build a professional-looking website with ease. Comes at an additional cost.

InstantTraffic. A SEO tool that can help you figure out the best ways to get your website noticed and does so by submitting your website to hundreds of search engines as well as giving you detailed reports about your particular website. Comes at an additional cost.

123-apps. Adding applications to your web hosting plan is a new and trendy option that allows users to download software applications that help you install blogging platforms, content management systems, and more, making it so that you truly don’t need any technical skills to utilize.

123-Reg Reliability/Performance rating:

123-reg has a reliability guarantee that states that their customers will experience a 99.9% uptime. In fact, all plans come with Cloud Hosting, which means that more than one server is utilized with a purpose of removing any and all possibilities that your particular website will experience any downtime. You have the option to upgrade to a dedicated or VPS server, which both come at an additional cost.

Although many similar web hosting companies offer their customers a refund/credit for any downtime that may be experienced, 123-reg does not.

123-Reg Ease of set up and use rating:

123-reg does their best to make it easy to create and launch your website by providing a control panel that is user-friendly and thus easy to understand and utilize. Sections include a Create Your Website option (2 of the 3 choices here come at an additional cost), a Web Hosting option, Ecommerce options, Security options, Domain Name options, and more.

123-reg also offers a Self Diagnosis tool that allows users to simply click on the link in order to give you step-by-step guides that were created specifically to help solve some of the more common issues when it comes to hosting a website.

Additionally, 123-reg has their own blog, which provides a wealth of supplemental information about anything and everything related to the web hosting world that can help you make your website the very best it can be!

123-Reg Customer Service/Tech Support rating:

123-reg understands the importance of addressing both the needs of those that are new to the web hosting world, as well as providing the more-detailed assistance that experienced website creators require. When visiting the customer support center, you'll find that there are a number of different ways to find the answers you're looking for, which is highly appreciated by those who need answers and don’t have the time to search through a variety of options in order to find what they are looking for.

Topics include: Downloadable Guides, Domains, Account Admin & Billing, Video Tutorials, Hosting, Email, Internet Marketing, and more…

If you want to contact 123-reg in order to speak with a real live person, you can choose one of two ways to contact 123-reg's customer/technical support team. The first way is to fill out the online form with your specific question, which is immediately sent to the appropriate customer service representative (you can expect to receive a reply in well under 24 hours). The second choice is calling, yet know that you will be charged at a rate of 10p per minute as well as possibly paying for any network extras.

123-Reg Value rating:

The value of 123-reg's web hosting plans are good. Although the initial pricing of the plans offered are considered affordable, once you add in the additional services, such as a domain name(s), an email address tied to the website, the setup fee, and the VAT, the value of 123-reg's web hosting plans is lowered from very good to good. If you happen to stick with the basic features offered and not add on additional features, the value is still considered to be good.

Strength and Weaknesses

Strengths. 123-reg shows a lot of strength in the wealth of information they provide for their customers so that they can have the tools necessary for making their website into everything they envision it to be. They also use cloud hosting as their web hosting platform, which relies on a number of servers in order to offer their customers protection in case one server goes down.

Weaknesses. 123-reg shows weakness in the fact that they charge additional for some of the more common features that are considered to part of other similar pricing plans offered by similar web hosting companies.

123-Reg Recommendation rating:

123-reg has lots of experience when it comes to providing people with domain names, and offers a variety of choices in order to address the variety of customers needs when it comes to the purchasing of domains. Once this web hosting company decided to become a part of Webfusion Ltd. in order to offer their customers web hosting services as well, their business has been growing and expanding ever since. With a focus on giving people a choice when it comes to finding a web hosting plan that’s just right for them, 123-reg succeeds by offering a variety of web hosting plans so that there is truly something for everyone that wants to build and launch their very own website.

123-reg offers new customers a 7-day money-back guarantee, which isn't as great as a 30-day guarantee that most other web hosting companies give, and applies to any new plan that is purchased.

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